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Novadent Dental Clinic Services and treatment

Full Mouth Evaluation & Examination

We usually get questions like…”How much does it cost to get a Crown?” Or “How much does it cost to do a Smile Make Over, or Full Mouth Reconstruction?” Although we want to answer them honestly, our experience has shown that it is impossible to quote the price before we have done my Full Mouth Evaluation to find out more about your existing oral health foundation and, what is it that you desire and want, so your dentist can plan and deliver you the best, after we have gone over all your options, pros and cons of the dental treatment the time it takes and the cost of your dental treatment.

Your dentist will study your mouth and come up with an “Ideal” Treatment Plan, plus different options that might be available to you, including all the COSTS involved to achieve your ” Best Smile“. You will also be informed regarding the pros and cons, the risks and benefits of each procedure, and the approximate time involved to complete the procedures you want in question.

So now, after the complete evaluation you have met the Doctor, you know all about your teeth, gums, oral health condition and Cosmetic Dentistry options, plus you know the solutions and the cost involved and other details you were wondering about.


I believe this gives you a better clarity and perspective rather than the office just quoting you a price, when the doctor does not know anything about your bite, the color and fillings you have in your existing teeth and the health of teeth involved!
You may want to come in and have a cursory exam done , and it is a quick look with digital photos of your teeth, so your dentist can decide what is the condition of your mouth, and then go from there.


How the complete evaluation and consultation works?

Usually requires 2 office visits.

The first visit your dentist gather all the necessary records needed, and the second is to have a proper consultation, and become fully informed regarding options, pros, cons, the time it takes, and costs.



If you are currently employed and paying PRSI
If you are working you may be entitled to certain treatments, which the government will pay for on your behalf. The rules are very straight forward and you can test your eligibility and find out what entitlements you may have at

Also, Most of specialized dental treatments qualify for 20 % tax relief. This means that you can offset the full cost of the treatment against your income tax liability. This is done by filling in a Med 2 form, which, when treatment is completed, our dentist will sign and submit on your behalf.


Treatments covered by the Med 2 include:

  • Orthodontics
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Root canal treatment
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Surgical extraction of a Wisdom Tooth

For more information on dental benefits, please go to



Novadent offers a full spectrum of dental services and care.
There’s no question that dental work is expensive – especially when you need to have major work done

You might not be aware but many of most costly dental treatments are tax deductible including crowns, bridges, dental implants, braces and periodontal treatment.

We will help you make the most of your dental insurance plan, by taking care of all of your paperwork required if claiming on insurance.


DENTAL CARE FOR ELDERLYAge in and of itself is not a dominant or sole factor in determining Oral Health .

However, certain medical conditions, such as arthritis in the hands and fingers, may make brushing or flossing teeth difficult to impossible to perform.

Medication can also affect oral health and may make a change in your dental treatment necessary.

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