Beyond Polus Whitening Machine

BEYOND® Polus®

Unprecedented Innovation and Flexibility in Whitening Technology

In-office power whitening treatment designed to provide comfort, safety, and convenience to our patients while producing maximum whitening results.

Advanced filtration removes all harmful heat and ultraviolet output, ensuring patient safety and comfort

Powerful halogen light output, clinically proven to provide superior results to LED and plasma arc systems.

Beyond Polus is a dual-arch system

High-end equipment at your service

Beyond Polus is a dual-arch system that features gentle, normal, and intense light-output settings for the perfect treatment setting with each individual patient.

Tailored treatment results. Beyond Polus has a advanced filtration system removes all harmful heat and ultraviolet output, ensuring patient safety, comfort and great results.

The treatment is done by our dentist. The professional tooth gel is safe and compliant with the EU Directive and Irish guidelines.
We also make sure that your gums and soft tissue are higly protected.

We strongly recommend that you have a scale and polish before undergoing teeth whitening. It will improve the effects of the whitening, giving you an even better smile.

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Advanced filtration

Specialized alternative care

Individuals with sensitive teeth and gums, receding gums and/or defective restorations should consult with the dentist prior to using a tooth whitening system. People who are sensitive to the whitening agent should not try a whitening product without first consulting the dentist.

Please note that the teeth whitening process does not change the color of crowns, veneers or fillings so it is important to understand that you may need to change these to match the color of your whitened teeth.

How long will my teeth stay white for?

That depends on your life style! If you drink lots of tea, coffee, cola, red wine, eat curry and smoke, then you may need to repeat this treatment every five to six months or so! If you do not have those habits and you look after your teeth well, then your teeth will stay whiter for longer.

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